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Development of the App has been driven by the ST Classic App User Group who have advised on the features and functions that would be useful in the specification of the app.

The features and functions that are being designed into the app include:

  • The app should be geared for "at the bedside" use. data should be directly added to the app at the point of collection.
  • The app should be able have limited control over the survey date.
  • The ability to create records "offline" where there may be no internet connectivity
  • The records should be reviewable and editable
  • The app should allow control over which wards can be collected against
  • The app should be useable on both tablets and phones
  • The app should provide information on network availability 
  • The Sync process should be manual



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Safety Thermometer Collection Tool Change log.

This Log is for all the ST Collection tools.


Fix - something that wasn't working the way it should (bugs)

Change - making a function work differently or changing the way something is displayed e.g. changing the order of buttons on a page. 

Addition - New function / process or procedure e.g. adding new validation processes