The Maternity Safety Thermometer is a measurement tool for improvement that focuses on: perineal and abdominal trauma, post-partum haemorrhage, infection, separation from baby and psychological safety.

The tool allows teams to take a temperature check on harm and records the number of harms associated with maternity care, but also records the proportion of mothers who have experienced ‘harm free’ care. It supports improvements in patient care and patient experience, prompts immediate actions by healthcare staff and integrates measurement for improvement into daily routines.

This is a point of care survey that is carried out on a single day each month on 100% of postnatal mothers and babies. Data are collected from postnatal wards, women’s homes and community postnatal clinics.

The Maternity Safety Thermometer was tested in a pilot phase from June 2013 until October 2014 and is now fully released and available to any organisation wishing to get involved. Further guidance is available above.