Latest Data - February 2020 now available

Next Data Set - March 2020. Due to be published on 10th of April

Monthly data files :

Each monthly data set contains 4 files :

  • Viewer tool
  • Harms Tables
  • Raw data file- ST format
  • raw data file - Zipped Human readable !

To use the Tool: you must have Microsoft Excel 2007 or later and you must save the tool to your computer.

To use the Data Quality Report: you must have MS Excel 2003 or later and you must save the Report to your computer.

The Harm Tables contain tables of all the data in the national tool summarised at organisational level. This file requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.

The Survey-level Export and Patient-level Export contain a copy of all the data in the national tool. These files require Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

Collection Tools

Download everything you need to run a local ST collection: the ST Excel installer file, User guides, ST interface document and paper collection templates.

NHS Safety Thermometer Data - January 2017 to January 2018

Please note, due to data quality issues the Interactive Tool for January is currently unavailable to download.